VS-77 Video Vehicle Separator


The E-Transit VS-77 Video Vehicle Separator is a best-of-breed solution that employs image processing technology to accurately detect, separate, and count vehicles as they pass through a toll lane.

Vehicle Separation

The system is a reliable, inexpensive, and easy-to-install plug-compatible replacement for costly and difficult to maintain light curtains. Like standard light curtains, it outputs continuous streaming serial data and triggers its dry-contact relays when vehicles are detected.

Vehicle Separation

Specialized logic allows small trailer hitches to be detected, while preventing false triggering from to snow, rain, birds, etc.

Vehicle Separation

The system adds powerful informational capabilities to standard vehicle detection processing. ASCII “transaction” records are automatically created for each detected vehicle. This data can be used for independent vehicle counting, revenue control, traffic analysis, etc. Vehicle detection data can be transmitted upstream in real-time, or in daily history files via standard or custom protocols and interfaces.

Additional Features: