ITV-3000 Audit Subsystem


The ITV-3000 Video Audit Subsystem is an essential tool for audit, operations, security, and management personnel. It is easy-to-use and helps maintain productivity, reduce fraud, identify training problems, document incidents, and improve the overall "bottom-line."

Since all lane activity is recorded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can now perform "after-the-fact" transaction analysis and investigations--using pre-recorded digital video of toll lane activity with simultaneous playback of the associated transaction and event data.

Toll Auditing

The system employs advanced, patented technologies fro managing, storing, and presenting synchronized full-motion video with real-time toll lane generated data.

Toll Control

Since the data from both transactions and "events" (i.e., individual treadle activations, toll collector keypresses, ETC tag reads, gate activations) are replayed synchronously, you can quickly search for anomalous transactions, play them forward and backward in slow motion or high speed and ultimately understand the "hidden details" that caused the anomaly or incident. The Transaction Search Screen allows the viewer to select transactions for review.

Toll Control

The data can reside on any networked server running Oracle, Informix, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, etc. Viewers can search for individual toll transactions by any combination of date/time plaza, lane, collector ID, ETC tag number, vehicle class, number of axles, violation type, etc.

Toll Control

A single image from each selected transaction is then displayed on the Thumbnail Display Screen. In many cases, all of the visual information necessary to verify the sources of a transaction anomaly is contained in one image, thus reducing the time required to view transactions. A summary of the transaction is presented in the bottom text window. Clicking on one of the thumbnail images brings up the Video Audit Screen, which provides the viewer with a full-motion video/data recording of the entire transaction.

Toll Control

The Video/Event Screen lets the viewer see exactly what happened in the lane during any selected transaction. They can even see what occurred before and after the selected transaction. Motion video of the transaction is replayed along with the data from treadles, loops, lane controllers, ETC readers, toll terminals, etc. The video and event messages move together as one--synchronously and in real-time.