Maintenance On-Line Management System (MOMS)


The UPTime MOMS package automatically monitors equipment status, pages technicians, logs service activity, manages inventory, schedules Preventative Maintenance (PM) and more!

Technicians can be notified via e-mail or SMS, when problems arise. Technicians can respond to notifications via e-mail, smartphone, any ordinary telephone (using UPTime’s interactive voice response system), SMS, and/or its secure web site.

Authorized personnel can access all the GUI screens and reports remotely via any Microsoft Windows PC or notebook computer.

All reports are developed using the Crystal Reports™ ad hoc report writer software. Nonprogrammers find Crystal Reports extremely easy to learn and use. Users can easily create their custom reports and add them to the reports module so that they are available for others. UPTime is the most comprehensive, flexible, and easy to use package in the toll industry.

Maintenance Management

The system runs on Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP, or Linux and processes maintenance data provided by most toll collection devices, including:

Maintenance Management

Features and Benefits:

MOMS Work Bin

Maintenance Management

MOMS Service Log

Maintenance Management