RFID and Electronic Toll Collection

In addition to our work with industry-standard electronic toll collection equipment from manufacturers like Mark IV, Transcore, Sirit, and others, E-Transit has pioneered the use of the latest EPC Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6C technologies for toll collection and parking control systems.

EPC Gen 2 and ISO 16000-6C RFID technologies were developed to establish standards for industrial and commercial RFID tag applications The current ratified standard operates in the ultrahigh frequency (UHF) range (860 – 960 MHz), supports operation at long distances (e.g., 25-30 feet) and is a true "open" technology with fully-interoperable tags and readers produced by dozens of companies. EPC Gen 2 readers and tags are extremely low cost (tags can cost as low $2.00 USD each!).

Tags are available in numerous form-factors, including exterior mounted tags, windshield sticker tags, portable rear-view mirror hang-tags, and more. For added flexibility, multi-protocol readers are available that can read both EPC Gen 2 and ISO 16000-6C RFID tags.

Rear-View Mirror "Hang-Tag"


Windshield Tag